We support even safer working practices now – and in the future!

Date 1st May, 2020
adapt and protect

Adapt and protect – that’s the message from Chartered Building Surveyor James Barron who is fully committed to adopting new working practices amid the Covid-19 health emergency, and beyond.

 He said that, as with all sectors of industry, the impact of the virus outbreak will have far reaching consequences for professional interactions, perhaps for years to come.

 But with Government recognising that construction is one of the essential services, James says it is vital that the sector moves quickly to ensure both contractors and clients work together to protect each other – and the wider public.

 “I want to send out a message that we are ‘open for business’ but equally, we are 100 per cent committed to the future protection of those we do business with, and for, ” said James.

 Throughout May, James will be using the ‘Adapt and Protect’ message across social media to highlight keys ways he and his professional colleagues are adopting new working methods to support the construction industry, moving forward.

 Right now, he is fully respecting current Govt regulations by only carrying out external/urgent inspections, but he is also looking ahead to how working practices will have to change, post virus.

 “I can tell you that in terms of my own profession, surveyors are well used to adapting to changing circumstances and requirements,” said James.

 “Clearly, we work in a vital industry, helping to keep properties safe and secure to protect our clients. Many of these properties play a key role in the communities they serve too.

 “But that doesn’t mean everything can carry on as normal. We must act quickly to adapt the way we work to ensure we have proper safeguards in place,” said James.

 James said he is already working hard with clients and colleagues to make sure ongoing projects can carry on, with the correct social distancing and hygiene measures always in place.

 But James also stressed that, moving forward, everyone across many industries will need to dramatically rethink how they work and interact in the wake of Coronavirus.

 He said it is likely businesses will hold more meetings ‘virtually’ and make better use of technology to reduce travel needs, and so protect the environment too. The home buying process is likely to be transformed too, with far more virtual viewings, again making full use of digital technology.

 “We can’t kid ourselves that these changes will be short lived either. We need to design effective, appropriate ways of working that are safe, sustainable and can be adopted for months, if not years, ahead,” said James.

 “There is little doubt we all face tough and challenging times ahead of us, but I know we have the ability to meet those challenges and create a new working environment that will benefit and protect us all.”