Take your building survey to the next level – for total peace of mind

Date 29th March, 2019
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Chartered Building Surveyor James Barron is urging home buyers gearing up for a traditional Spring move not to forget the importance of their building survey.

He believes that, while cheaper survey alternatives like the Mortgage Valuation and Homebuyer’s Report have their place, there’s only one way to get the complete picture of a property’s condition.

“At Barron Surveying Services Ltd, we only do the Level 3 Building Survey as I don’t like being restricted in any way on the information I can give to the client, said James, who will be sharing his top 12 reasons for getting this level of survey across social media, throughout April.

 “I want them to know everything about the issues affecting a property, good and bad, as the chances are this is the biggest purchase they will make in their lifetime.

“That’s why we pride ourselves on our independence and impartiality too. It’s what separates a small building surveying practice like us from the bigger corporate firms.”  

Previously known as a Full Structural Survey, the Level 3 Building Survey is the most detailed survey available and is the best way for a buyer to find out all the issues affecting a property, not just in terms of its structure.

James will leave no stone unturned in his assessment, which normally takes more than four hours to complete, such is the detailed nature of the survey. Yet, costing just 0.25 per cent of the property’s purchase price on average, it’s extremely cost effective too.

“With the level of detail we go into, it may put the buyer in a stronger position to renegotiate the purchase price. It can also help plan ahead, as we tell you what needs fixing now and how to maintain the property for years to come.” said James.

“Remember, a house is the only thing in life you buy that you cannot take back if it goes wrong. Therefore, it makes sense to find out everything that has, and could, go wrong before you buy it.

“A Level 3 Building Inspection Report will do just that….and it’s the only survey that truly will.”

For more information on James’ services visit www.barronsurveying.co.uk