Spring is in the air – time to get your dream move, moving say PAPPA!

Date 8th April, 2019

Property professionals in Plymouth have urged buyers and sellers to ‘Spring’ into action and take advantage of this great time of the year to enter the housing market.

The Plymouth Area Property Professionals Association (PAPPA) say it’s one of the perfect seasons on the calendar for property transactions with welcome sunshine after the gloom of winter putting a spring in everyone’s step.

There are industry analysts that suggest there is still a Brexit cloud hanging over the Plymouth market, but PAPPA believes locals are taking the uncertainties in their stride.

Estate Agent Stuart Millington of PAPPA members Millington and Tunnicliff, based in Ivybridge, said with Christmas and New Year hangovers now well behind us, the coming months will see some great selling conditions.

“With longer days, people have more time to view properties, so can really focus on taking it slowly to make sure their chosen home ticks all their necessary boxes, “said Stuart.

“What’s more, when it’s warmer, viewing is a much more pleasurable experience, with homes, and particularly gardens, looking so much better when the sun is out.

“As for the dreaded B word, the Plymouth property market has always been pretty resilient in uncertain times and there is nothing to suggest that situation has changed greatly.”

Fellow PAPPA member Andrew Kirby of Tavistock-based Kirby Estate Agents said it’s also the time of the year when couples are planning weddings and, as they largely tend to be first time buyers, there has never been a better opportunity for them to get onto the housing ladder.

Andrew also pointed out that many buyers are keen to make sure they have moved into their home before the school year starts, so Spring is often the time they look to begin their search.

“By beginning their house hunting in Spring, it means they should be settled into their new home before the summer holidays and well ahead of the new term in September,” said Andrew.

“That means more buyers coming to market and the potential for sellers to get an even better price for their property. With a little bit of a makeover and good tidy up in the garden, homes can look very desirable indeed, particularly when you add a bit of sunshine into the mix.”