Property inspections from Barron’s have got it all covered!

Date 1st July, 2019
James at Holbeton grade one listed copy

Chartered Building Surveyor James Barron has put his property inspections services in the video spotlight and promised both prospective and existing clients that the company has everything covered.

In the video, which can be found at  James gives a brief overview of what potential issues the inspection service covers, as well as the statutory requirements.

“Video is one of the key elements I wanted to feature on our new website as it gives those visiting the site, and in particular our service pages, a quick and easy guide to what everything entails,” said James of Plymouth-based Barron Surveying Services Ltd.

“I think it is important that our web presence is as interactive as possible, and the videos are a fundamental part of that.”

Throughout July, the company will be promoting the video and the key elements of its property inspections across its social media platforms, to raise awareness.

The video outlines the full scope of what the inspection covers. Including such issues as cracks in walls, structural movements, storm damage or problems with windows and doors.

James also talks about the legal responsibilities he can help clients with, such as those relating to fire risk assessments, asbestos surveys and insurance assessments.

He also stresses the company’s commitment to not only meeting, but exceeding client expectation and that they can always rely on a receiving a professional, independent and impartial service.

“Whatever service we are delivering, it is always 100 per cent client focused. We are only interested in looking after their best interests,” added James.