Problem solving…it’s no problem to the master surveyor

Date 31st May, 2019
problem…no problem

As the saying goes, there are no problems, only solutions – and that certainly seems to be the case when clients call on the surveying expertise of James Barron.

The chartered building surveyor has established a reputation for coming to the rescue of a whole host of customers who were faced with many a construction conundrum.

“Problem solving is a major part of what we do and over the years we have been confronted with a variety of issues,” said James.

“I do love the challenge of overcoming hurdles and it is particularly satisfying if you find a solution for a client who has been trying for a long time to get a resolution, without any success.

“We do seem to have a knack for problem solving – which I imagine is why so many clients are happy to recommend our services!”   

Here’s just some examples of the many problems Barron Surveying Services Ltd has solved for their clients:


  • James proved he had a head for heights when a client found worrying cracks at the top of an eight storey block of flat. With the help of a Cherry Picker, James found the cracks weren’t structural and a simple repair was all that was required. Problem solved!
  • Owners of a large listed building with roof problems had differing opinions from several roofers. Then James stepped in to project manage the repairs – saving the owners £100,000! Problem solved.
  • James discovered a simple drainage defect was causing cracks in a rear tenement of a five storey building and all it needed was a cost effective repair. Problem solved.
  • A local housing provider needed to know the condition of the roof on a block of flats which couldn’t be seen from the ground. James used a drone camera to get the necessary access and advised it was in reasonable repair. Problem Solved.
  • A specialist building company needed to create more space in their new premises but didn’t know how. James had the solution, designing a mezzanine floor and getting building regulations approval. Problem solved.
  • A listed church building needed a WC facility – but had no drain! James oversaw an archaeological excavation, listed building applications – and the provision of a drain running through the church burial ground! Problem solved.
  • A client had persistent problems of water getting into a converted garage roof, even though it had been re-covered. James found the roof wasn’t at fault. It was a lack of cavity trays in the adjacent walls. Problem solved.
  • A landlord receiving constant complaints from tenants about dampness tackled the problem with a damp proof course – but the problem wouldn’t go away. James identified the problem was condensation and recommended a background ventilation system was installed. Problem solved.
  • A number of roofers failed to identify the cause of a roof leak plaguing a landlord’s property. James solved the mystery though. It wasn’t the roof at all, but a leaking shower pump buried in insulation in the lift. Problem solved.
  • A client was worried about large cracks forming in a tall, retaining wall behind a house in Plymouth. The wall was beginning to lean over a footpath and the client feared the worst! Barron Surveying designed a system of tie rods into the wall and the work was done for relatively little cost under insurance. Problem solved.
  • A recently converted building had a leak through a GRP flat roof recovered only a year earlier. There was no obvious problem with the roof and James discovered it was a lack of a damp try under a balcony door, requiring a simple repair. Problem solved.
  • A client noticed cracks forming in an old stone cottage wall and James found it had suffered earthquake damage, causing the core to compress. Repairs were carried out using tie rods and thanks to James’ report, the client successfully claimed on insurance. Problem solved.



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