Planning portal is a key ally in Barron’s statutory compliance work

Date 1st November, 2019
Plymouth portal

Chartered Building Surveyor James Barron is helping clients make sense of complex planning and building regulations with the support of a highly informative website.

 As part of his range of project management services, James recommends clients take advantage of the detailed information on the Planning Portal at

 “The planning portal plays a key role for us as a business, as it is where we submit planning applications for our clients and assist them with building regulations,” said James.

 “What makes it equally useful is the detailed information it also features about the processes involved. “

 The website has sections on building regulations documentation and guidance on the building control application process.

 There is also a section on the planning process and the relevant documents, policy and current legislation.

 It also features easy to follow guidance on home improvement projects and for commercial or residential developments.

 Barron Surveying Services supports customer renovations or refurbishments projects by helping them meet their statutory compliance in terms of planning permission and building regulations.

 James and his team are also equipped to project manage the whole process from handling specification, the tender process and dealing with tradesmen on site.

 “We offer a comprehensive range of project management services and expertise – and the Planning Portal is a great support to us in always delivering those services effectively,” added James.



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