Increasing dissatisfaction at quality of new build homes

Date 18th February, 2019
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Buyers of new build properties are being urged to commission an independent building survey amid growing fears some homes are simply not up to scratch.

In the last 12 months, Chartered Building Surveyor James Barron says he has noticed increasing dissatisfaction with the quality of new builds – and has reported numerous problems in his own surveys.

He believes there will be an increasing need for buyers to have an independent, professional inspection because the house builder’s/developer’s own guarantee might not always be sufficient.

“Most people’s perception of a new build house is that they will be perfect, but increasingly, in some cases, this simply isn’t true,” said James.

“I have encountered a lot of problems recently where the standard of newly delivered homes is quite poor and, more worryingly, there is often a reluctance on the part of the developer to deal with issues after the owner has moved in.”

James says he has had personal experience of a new build house where the roof wasn’t even watertight and another case where the owner had to move out so the first floor could be built level!

“One of the problems is that house builders and developers are under enormous pressure to deliver new homes on time – and to a budget, so sometimes this means quality suffers,” said James.

“This is the biggest purchase of people’s lives and when they are paying large sums of money for a brand new home, it is not much to ask that it meets the best possible standards.

“For complete peace of mind, I would urge buyers not to rely simply on the developer’s guarantee but to have an independent professional inspection, ideally by a Chartered Building Surveyor. It could be money well spent.”


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