Hot tips to guard against winter property woes, from Barron Surveying

Date 30th October, 2020
winter worry

Take the worry out of your winter property woes!

That’s the seasonal message from Chartered Building Surveyor James Barron, who is urging people to make sure their homes are properly protected during the winter months ahead.

James will be taking to social media throughout November to share his top tips on energy saving advice and also ensuring appliances are working efficiently – and safely.

“This is probably the most important check to carry out, as appliances, such as gas fires and boilers, can pose a danger if not properly maintained,” said James.

 “Making sure you get such appliances serviced by a qualified and industry registered professional is a fundamental part of any winter checklist. That also includes properly functioning carbon monoxide sensors to alert you to any leak. They are just as vital as smoke alarms.”

Alongside safety checks, James said that with the continuing focus on improving carbon footprints, it is also important to make your home as energy efficient as possible which, in turn, will save money on bills.

A key element of this is ensuring the correct amount of loft insulation and checking that loft tanks, pipes and water cylinders are all properly insulated against the cold. Heat can also be lost through windows that haven’t been properly draught proofed too.

 Outside, James urges homeowners to make sure they get chimney stacks and flashings checked, to ensure they are waterproof and also assess downpipes and gutters for signs of water leaks. In this situation, water can leak onto footpaths where it can present a slip hazard in freezing weather.

It is also important to remember though that condensation can be an issue over the winter months so heat saving measures must work alongside improved loft and general ventilation to help tackle that too,” added James.

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