Have the confidence in the current market to keep your glass half full

Date 17th July, 2019
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Stay confident in the face of property market uncertainty – and you will still reap the rewards, say PAPPA.

 Ben Dreher, Chairman of the elite group of property professionals, urged people who may be holding back on buying because of Brexit to press on.

While Ben admits that, in common with rest of the UK, there has been a slowing down in market activity he says that represents an even better opportunity for buyers.

“There is a clear reticence among buyers and sellers right now with the ongoing Brexit question, with particular fears in some quarters around a ‘no deal’ scenario,” said Ben.

 “But when the market quietens down in this way it actually represents a good opportunity to buy and sell. We all just need to hold our nerve.

 Ben explained that if sellers are realistic in the pricing of their property or are open to negotiation, it will still encourage people to buy.

 That then opens up the distinct possibility of bagging a bit of a bargain for those sellers are prepared to take the plunge, with a greatly reduced chance of being gazumped  or ending up in a bidding war.

 “Surely it makes far more sense to pursue your purchase when there are few buyers around? It means you are part of a select crowd with more chance of success,” said Ben.

 “Wait until after we exit the European Union and the likelihood is you will part of a much bigger crowd and won’t have the same level of bargaining clout.”

 Ben urged anyone serious about buying or selling to make sure they used the services of a property professional from PAPPA, who had particular expertise in uncertain market conditions.

 “Our members have the knowledge to get that asking price right and help sellers get the property they really want, said Ben

 “When it comes to confidence, our members’ glasses are always half full and there is no reason why everyone else’s shouldn’t be too!”