Gotta love Plymouth! Such a ‘Sound’ place to buy a home

Date 31st July, 2019

You gotta love Plymouth!

That’s the message from property professionals who say increasing investment in the city’s economy and infrastructure makes it an even greater place to realise your property ambitions.

Plymouth Area Property Professionals Association (PAPPA) say it is not just the rich history that makes Britain’s Ocean City great.

It’s also the many contemporary development schemes that are changing the face of Plymouth and giving it an even more vibrant feel.

“You only have to look at the current cinema and associated development on the old bus station site at Bretonside to see what an exciting, modern city Plymouth is evolving into,” said Andrew Blacklock of Plymouth estate agents Maitlands.

Other PAPPA members point to the tremendous impact Plymouth University continues to have on the city, attracting students from all over the world.

It had also helped to put the city on the worldwide academic map with its reputation for excellence in marine study and research.

“What has been really exciting in recent years is the trend for alfresco dining, with a whole host of restaurants and eateries that give the city such a dynamic and cosmopolitan feel,” said fellow PAPPA member Emma Brockman of City Sales estate agents.
“It has had a particular impact on Plymouth’s Barbican where historical meets contemporary to create the most amazing social space, that now attracts tourists from around the globe in even bigger numbers. “

 Dan Robinson of Plymouth agents Smeaton Homes, another PAPPA member said: “What I have noticed in particular is just how much Plymouth is becoming more of a cultural hub and the recent arrival of the Messenger statue outside the Theatre Royal really encapsulates that for me.”

Throughout August, across social media, PAPPA’s estate agents and property letting agency members will be sharing the top 12 reasons as to why they love living and working in Plymouth – with the hashtag #gottaloveplymouth

“Like all Plymothians, PAPPA is proud to have its roots in this great city. As an association, we want to shout about what makes it so good and just why you’ve gotta love Plymouth,” said association chairman, Ben Dreher, of Lawson Estate Agents, Plymouth.