Date 19th September, 2018
Anthony Abbott TxT Communications

A picture can tell a thousand words…not ideal for someone who tries to make his living as a copywriter, but still.

This picture shows where it all really began for text comms…or TxT Communications as it was back then!

No beard, only one client – and a do it yourself website on the slowest desktop in history.

Now, 12 years on, the brand has a shiny new web presence and the client roster has continued to grow, little by little…a bit like the beard!

Over those years, I have worked with a whole range of clients across many different sectors. Some of those clients have come and gone.

That’s fine though. It’s the nature of being self employed and I will always be thankful that they felt confident enough to choose text comms for their requirements in the first place.

When you run your own business as a sole trader, it can be a lonely place…nothing is certain.

What is certain though is that I wouldn’t have lasted 12 days, let alone 12 years, without the support of those clients that didn’t come and go…the clients that stayed and retained my services, even when times got tough, not just for me, but for them too.

I will always be particularly thankful for their loyalty and trust in my ability, because, quite simply, I wouldn’t be here without them.

So thank you:

  • Scott Boyd – Securi-Guard Fire and Security
  • Kim Precious – Securi-Guard Monitoring
  • Darren Lawson and team at Mansbridge Balment Plymouth
  • Russell van der Schouw and team – formerly of Spot On Services (SW) Ltd and now VDS Solutions
  • And finally, the Real Fusion collective, as was – Justin Smith, Troy Woodhouse and Jeremy Yelland.

I wish you all continued success, health and happiness!